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Personal Readings

By using the cards we can gain clarity on the energies around your situation of concern. This helps you to make choices that are right for you. Choose which one is right for you below.

The 30 Minute Reading

The 30 Minute Reading – we do as many clarity readings in this time as we can, to get you sorted. Click on the button below to book.

The 60 Minute Reading

The 60 Minute Reading – we do as many clarity reading and Is perfect as it includes a personalised mini clearing. Click on the button below to book

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Personal Healing

90 Minutes healing with Amanda.

In this time you will receive a profound energetic healing from Amanda. We will bring a lightness and alignment to your soul to feel clarity and peace during these times.

You will receive the full force of 20+ years experience as a transformational therapist and end up experiencing yourself in a quieter and more courageous way.

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Why An Adventure

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Amanda Newearth

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