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New December 2022

Part 1 – Debunkin’ : Let’s take a look at the 2020 Au decode and look at whether there is earthquake/DUMB activity around those original locations. I also add some extra information concerning off planet activities that was omitted from the 1st decode.

Part 2 – Huntin’ :  DUMBS or Under Cities are spotted by earthquake clusters, we tour through the 30,000+ earthquakes finding these  swarms to discover their locales.

Part 3 – Outin’s : The takedown is represented by the earthquakes from 2017 to today – Thank our creator!!!!!

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Decodes from 2021

This video was inspired by the swarm that occured in the Victorian mountain Range after the Melbourne earthquake in September 2021.

audio from a live 2021

The visuals were a nightmare from this live decode plus to keep the peeps ID secret this is only the sound track. You may find some bits interesting. This is different to the above video.


This is the Original Decode

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