Theodore Mahr

Theodore Mahr & Amanda

Wowzers – Ted drops some bombs – Love you Teds Email Is – Theodore Mahr To Book a Reading or Healing with me Click HERE For a Pendant click HERE Cookie Jar Much Love – Amanda

Ted Mahr

The Delightful Ted Mahr

Mega chat with Amanda Newearth To Book your space $21.00 per soul Orgonite pendant The Heartspace energy device Latest from Amanda – HERE Bookings for readings and healing with Amanda – HERE Orgonite Pendants – HERE Amanda Newearth Telegram – HERE

Ted Mahr & Amanda Newearth 18th Jan 22

We have a lovely chat about all sorts of things. Ted Mahr Email: Theodore Mahr Readings : Radio: Bookings for readings and healing with Amanda – HERE Amanda Newearth Telegram – HERE

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