Ukraine and Biolabs

Taking a look at what is going on with all the collective west interest in the Ukraine. WHY?TODAY – Russian Ministry of defense released information on the Bio-labs in the Ukraine – Bombshell Information !!!! The 2 hour audio from 2014.https://outerlimitsradioshow.com/2014/03/17/a-ukrainian-coup-detat Feel Free to Donate to Amanda Latest from Amanda – HERE Bookings for readings and …

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Ted Mahr, Jan & Amanda

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Where is Amanda ??

Hi all you beautiful people! I joined the Convoy to Canberra 10 days ago. Yippee I have been doing lives on my facey page Amanda Newearth Newtime. Tomorrow the 8th feb is a very big day for we the people. I will do a live on fb. Much Love Amanda

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