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David ‘Guru’ Graham #VoteUforyou

Share Share Share !!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY…WHERE Exiting times Y’all David ‘Guru’ Graham is Running along side Riccardo Bosi and 16 other Independents For NSW Senate under Group U#VoteUforyou To Donate and distribute Flyers for Dave ‘Urug’ Graham #VoteUforyou Go to Freedom Flotilla To

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Interrupt – The narrative

The G7 met – what a bunch of….. What if ??? We could interrupt the narrative.. Near the end I mention the video I did on “THE LIST” View it here The Links i mention Here is a link

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Namastizzle 2

Namastizzle Rant 2 Hey there! We Heard You! Imagine this as a cozy chat over a cup of fragrant mint tea. So, Darren Price and Amanda,  Continue diving into the

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Namastizzle One

Happy Last December for 2023 or namastizzle as darren says The 9 Minute Relax Get Access Now before I close it off! Click Here FREE

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Stuart Cobra Nov ’23

Do you resonate? Stuart reached out to share some of his insights related to these times.Hope you enjoy and appreciate his time for sharing this. Add Your Heading Text Here

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