Interrupt 10 Nov 22


US Midterms, AU & Answers to Questions

Am a bit tight on time this week so I apologise for not doing a reading.
all the links are below the video

Watch the swearing ins of Scotty and Albo


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2 thoughts on “Interrupt 10 Nov 22”

  1. Many thanks Amanda. To your question “Who was Albanese swearing an oath to?” The crown no longer exists, and neither do the corporations of America and Australia. Australia is now a part of the American Republic; Albanese and all state premiers have their arms twisted up their backs in other words.

  2. In Pam Gregory’s forecast for November, the the full moon in 20° of Taurus on Nov. 8 would have a direct impact on Australia’s Taurus moon (the people). As Uranus is in Taurus, this will express itself as rebellious, revolutionary action by Australians who will demand full change and freedom

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