Donovan Gall part 1

Financial Shift with Donovan Gall

The Financial Shift - Part 1

We discuss the big picture and lots of other stuff too

Look out for part 2

We will Discuss ISO 20022, The Great Reset v Our Reset and Blockchain

Much Love


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1 thought on “Donovan Gall part 1”

  1. Absolutely love this discussion, best thing ive watched in ages
    hats off to you Donovan and Amanda for articulting this so it can be easily innerstood

    2 years ago for some unknow ? reason i to purchased xrp xlm dont know why just knew i had to buy it never bought into the bitcoin hype just xrp xlm , at that time it was $1.50-60 each now its at a bargin price 50c each – to the moon and back

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