22nd April 22 – Love you all

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22 thoughts on “Dale H & Amanda N Chat – Swearing Warning”

  1. funny, Amanda. Ive been saying for about 6 weeks that i know they’re putting something new in the water in lismore. After the first flood i wouldn’t use the tap for drinking even with a filter. I was buying supermarket water and i had saved a cupboard full of water two years ago when i got told to do that for the future.

    1. Ive been watching AFL lucerfarian Symbols coming from all the players for many years. How many of these players are WEF graduates?

  2. Well if I can only have sex with beautiful spiritual people then you would be at the top of my list as I’m totally in love with you.
    Whoops did I say that out loud? ?
    Great interview Amanda, gotta love Dale too
    I’d love to have a chat with you & Dale when he comes up, I haven’t talked to him for ages as I don’t go on Twitter anymore either.

  3. There are several Chyna’s in Ukraine, so it has been speculated that was why Trump was saying “CHAIYNA” when he spoke about Covid – referring to Chyna Ukraine biolabs.

  4. I heard that lots of people (including me) got sick with Covid after the last Brisbane 3 day Freedom rally, about a month ago, I have had a asthma-like cough and tight chest ever since.

  5. Glad you mentioned the UAP… been saying they were paid opposition from the start… and I don’t trust the ones that left UAP to become independents… they may still be in the payroll of Clive.

    Just look at the RDA circus… first they are their own party, then they’re not, then they join with UAP… then they pull away from UAP and promote them all. Then Monica’s fiance decides not to run for UAP and become an independent. Now she’s running as an independent too… I think they’re on clives payroll too…

  6. In tennis matches many players play now in blue and yellow outfits. At the moment in Barcelona. Also the arena is blue and there are huge yellow tennis balls as contrast decorations. Thank you for both of you. I appreciate your videos.

  7. My best mate from childhood, he adopted a girl 6 years ago. She was double jabbed and the day she received her booster, she started “acting up”, and 5 days later she had a massive heart attack. They did not perform an autopsy, and the government paid for the cremation, bury the evidence. 1 week later our “Ratpack” drinking mate on our 2 year reunion get together, 5 days after his booster died at another Ratpack members home that evening, no autopsy, cremated. It’s a disgrace

  8. The ingredients on some of the vax’s when they were accessible early 2020 had chemo ingredients in there (plus the HIV), I recall reading it. So when I started hearing that ppl were losing their hair after their jabs, that confirmed to me what the causes were. Also the metallic taste ppl had and the loss of taste and smell, same thing happens with chemo..

  9. Thanks Amanda and Dale, love the chats. I noticed you must be living in the same area as me as Justine Elliott is our same candidate….sadly!!!

  10. My mom got her booster a couple months ago, last Friday she had a heart attack , no history of heart problems in her family, I know and told her but I am a nut case for believing in what’s going on

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