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15 thoughts on “Q & Ted Mahr Joined Amanda Newearth & Dale H”

  1. Wow, fantastic interview Amanda. I love Ted & Q & Dale is awesome, he really knows how to ask the right questions. I can’t wait until next time

  2. I’m just wondering when the nexus point will come about. I feel things are changing but it still feels like we’re bashing our heads against a brick wall and people are dying…. a trigger point has to initiate the change.

  3. Wow that was amazing! Thankyou so much Amanda and Ted for bringing this together with Dale and the excellent questions raised by the three of you. So helpful to have these answers in co-creating our future.????

  4. Thanks Amanda
    this was a brilliant interview, very informative and like 22 said in your next interview I will have to listen to it again and again, so chock full of juicy bits and pieces.
    Ps love your new website, works really well on the phone , easy and simple.

  5. Absolutely loved this subject matter. Covered a lot of things I believe so will be very interested in your next video with Q. Thanks

  6. Love this and as much as I’m not wanting to be consumed by anything but what’s inside me
    I’d love the link as MANY need to realize this ❤️❤️❤️

  7. The only priceless commodity is time , life is so she so be happy treat good people kindly treat bad people terribly, lift up the down trodden. Be generous with your time love knowledge and money. Pave the road of the. Future by leading by example and last but not least protect and cherish our lil children. ?

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