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5 thoughts on “Ted Mahr & Amanda Newearth Chat”

  1. To these two beautiful souls thanks so much for the wonderful heart felt interview. Great info over a wide range of topics.
    X Marty

  2. Much gratitude to Ted and Amanda. I always feel uplifted and excited for our amazing future after your interviews.
    2 jets flew incredibly low over our New Brighton beach this morning while I was walking my dog. It was very loud and intimidating energy. Do you think these are white or black hat ops? Also I have noticed an increase in ambulance sirens which were very rare in my little town of Ocean Shores. I wonder how many Australians are noticing this increase and attributing it to vaxxidents.
    Pity we couldn’t hear your tuning fork and bowls. Definitely felt the frequency. xxx

  3. I agree with you Amanda. COVID-19 in my opinion is the perfect divine intervention to awaken humanity. And the ‘vaxports’ have been a major accelerant, as hard as it has been for people. And in my opinion the vaxports are what will cause the cabal industries to collapse. (That’s my theory anyway!)

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